A rally of sympathy and hope for the good of humanity

Kilian, a 6-year old boy in Northern Germany with a love of motorcycles and suffering from Terminal Cancer, had his last wish come true after friends and family posted about his wish on social media: “To see bikers drive past his home and make lots of ‘Krach’, noise before he died as he loved the sound of motorcycles. In July 2021 the father of the little boy asked a bikers club if they were able to fulfill his son’s last wish. Then the bikers posted in other forums and suddenly thousands of bikers from different countries (Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark) wanted to join in and show their love to the little biker.

Don’t talk – do it!

Ralf Pietsch – life motto

Police stated that between 15.000 and 20.000 bikers showed up for little Kilian and they had quickly to help organize such a huge event in an area that is normally rather a quiet place in the northern parts of Germany. Ralf Pietsch was one of the organizers of this event on the private side and in an interview, he explained what they had to organize to make this happen.

All these bikers had to wait in a defined zone, the local market place and wait for an orchestrated drive past the home of Kilian. Signs were posted where the biker were asked to make lots of noise and everything, apart from a minor local accident, went well. Thousands of people waited alongside the roads and were all very appreciative of this action. Whoever was asked or interviewed was clearly moved to tears.

For little Kilian, it was an overwhelming event and his wish became true. Only three weeks later the little guy passed away.

While it is so terribly sad to see the little kid passing, the support and love showed not only by the thousands of bikers is a wonderful sign of hope and humanity.

More about the event from Nord News (in German)

How you can also plan an event!

Don’t talk – do it!

You might think you need to be a professional event organizer to put something like this together? No! I spoke with the organizers and they are just people like you and me but they thought, that they had to do something, and instead of talking they just sat downs and started planning and brainstorming. I think this is the difference between dreamers, talkers, and doers. You need to just start with it. Of course, it is not an easy task and there are challenges and more people need to be involved. Police, Rescue teams and many more but the key is to go step by step and not be afraid of the tasks ahead. Stop dreaming aDon’t talk, do itnd talking, start doing it!

“We actually did not expect so many bikers to show up and support this. Mega-Action, we are all moved”

Ellen Kleine – Member of the Organisation team of “Krach für Kilian”

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