How Ayesha Chundigar, a young entrepreneur, formed Pakistan’s largest animal welfare organization.

Animals are one of the biggest parts of our ecosystem. But there are very few people who love and take care of these creatures. In developing countries such as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, there are a lot of stray animals such as cats, dogs, donkeys, and other animals. About 90% of these animals do not get proper food and water to fulfill their needs; half of the animal population is abused by the people.

But one individual Ayesha Chundigar who loved animals started her own recuse center for these creatures. According to Ayesha, “The world belongs to all of us. To human and non-human animals. When we start perceiving the world as shared reality, the world will become a better place for everyone.” She started this work to teach empathy to people worldwide towards these animals.

In Karachi, Pakistan, Ayesha Chundigar established the ACF Animal Rescue when she was only 24 years old. She only started this foundation as her love and empathy towards the animals who cannot speak and depend on humans for their needs. Ayesha has always been passionate about animals because she started rescuing animals when she was five years old. She has been acting as an angel for the tiny chicks sold in Karachi’s markets and setting them free. She always looked after the injured and abused dogs, cats, goats, etc.

Her love and empathy toward animals lead her to make this fantastic organization that is now one of the most prominent animal protection organizations in Pakistan. This is a charity organization. ACF Animal Rescue is almost present in a one-acre area. There are nearly fifty thousand animals that they have rescued until now. Besides saving, they have also helped about fifteen thousand different outreach programs that help animals. ACF Animals Rescue is now a family of fifty members working day and night to better the animals. They are rescuing animals, taking care of them, and providing them love day and night. In one place, Ayesha said, “For many of us, it has become and will always be the way of life. And we cannot be more grateful to all those who have united to make this possible.” Hence ACF is now thriving and helping so many neglected and abused animals all over Pakistan.

ACF Animal Rescue is not only recusing animals, but they are also providing the proper medical treatments. Furthermore, they have also started the trap of neuter vaccine release for the last three years. In this program, they respond to calls all over Karachi, vaccinate the dogs, neuter them, and collar them. They have started an initiative for neighborhood pets where the team will neuter the dogs and cats so that they cannot mate. Then the people of the society or the neighborhood can feed those animals and keep them safe and happy. Through this, the animals will not starve, and the population of the animals in the area will not increase. This also allows the animals to stay in their natural habitat and reduces their violent nature.

ACF Animal Rescue Achievements:

Ayesha Chundigar started ACF Animal Rescue in July 2014. She was able to gather a team who are as passionate about animals as she is. The journey to success has been prolonged because the concept of rescuing animals is taboo in Pakistan. But now the authorities, government, and other famous people have taken notice of their work.

Ayesha Chundigar and her rescue center have featured in many news channels and newspapers. She has been interviewed by gulf news, dawn news, and many famous media channels in Pakistan. Moreover, she was also awarded the HUM Women Leaders Award in 2021 as the most inspiring woman in Pakistan. She has also been awarded by many other companies and organizations for her contribution. Now she is known as an animal rights activist, a motivational speaker, and an inspirational woman in Pakistan.

The goal of ACF Animal Rescue:

Ayesha Chundigar mentioned, “ACF’s goal is to show via example the truest form of empathy-to does for those who can never do anything for you in return. To help those whose shoes you will never be in. And to care for anybody and everybody that ever needs help, no matter who they are.”

ACF wants people to understand that animals only want love. If loved and taken care of, they are creatures who will return the love a thousand times more. They wish that every animal in the streets of Pakistan is treated with empathy. Every day, ACF works to motivate people to communicate with the animals around them, whether they are cats or dogs. They want that no animal is abused and neglected in this county and want people to be kind towards these sweet animals. (by Tooba Wains)

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