Animals are the cutest creatures in the world. Some of them might be scary, but most of the animals are loving and adorable. Every person in the world might have thought once in their life if there is any way through which they can communicate with the animals. Especially the pet owners want a way to know what is going on in their pet’s mind. However, talking to your pets and other animals might seem impossible.

But some people have been gifted with a talent through which they can understand and communicate with the animals. Among these personalities, one of the famous people is Angie. Angie always loved animals, and her love grew into something unique that no one can understand. Now Angie is known as the world’s best and expert animal communicator, and many people hire her to also appreciate their pets through her. In this article, you will see how Angie became an animal communicator and how she can understand the animals.

Who is Angie?

Angie was born and raised in Central PA. Angie has been comfortable around animals since she was a toddler. She loved the animals’ company and managed to have a fantastic relationship with them.

At age 5, while she was playing on her grandparent’s farm, she noticed that she could hear the animals communicate with each other. She also saw that she could question and talk to them very quickly. However, since she was a child, no one believed her and assumed that this was her imagination.

Angie’s First Experience with an Animal Communicator:

Angie adopted a small German Shepherd named K.D in 1999. However, K.D was not the most trained dog in the world. He would bite people because he was fearful. Because of this, Angie started doing different training techniques with K.D to teach him not to bite people. She learned the Canine Obedience Trainer, and she used this skill to train her dog. However, this was not effective on K.D, and he still used to bite people because of fear.

She also tried other training techniques such as positive reinforcement and a few ways to tame him down. But none of them were effective. She then attended a local event where she met another animal communicator. Here she learned a lot from the communicator.

This communicator even talked to K.D and told Angie some of the most shocking things that only she or K.D would know. She told Angie about the color of her car, the color of the collar when Angie adopted K.D, and so many other surprising things. The animal communicator also talked to K.D about her biting and questioned him why he bites everyone.

Angie got to know that K.D gets very stressed when new people approach them, and thus, he bites them due to fear. The animal communicator also told Angie that K.D is requesting that when people come to him, they should do it slowly so that they are visible and also should verbally ask for permission before petting.

All of this made Angie believe she was the same as the Animal communicator she met and wanted to discover her talents more. Thus, she went on this journey and is now one of the most famous animal communicators in the world.

How did Angie start Animal Communication?

After meeting with the animal communicator, Angie wanted to enhance her skills as well. Thus, she started attending the school for Animal Communication. After learning for some time, she started helping K.D with his fear. She then realized that she was born with this talent, and she has been doing this since she was a child.

She also started working on different cases with her instructor and also worked on some police cases. Through all the practice and knowledge, she learned from the training, Angie was ready to help the other animals in the world.

Angie’s Goal:

After Angie completed her training, she helped the pet owners to communicate with their pets, such as cats, dogs, cows, horses, fish, etc., since 2000. She would talk to the animals and tell their issues to their owners. This helped many animals have a better and more comfortable life.

Angie has been doing this for more than 18 years. For the last 3 years, Angie has been working with a dog. This dog in encouraging Angie to open her own business where she can help the people and their animals. Hence, she opened her office by the name Compassionate Communications. Angie’s main aim is to make the life of animals more effortless and also make people know that these animals need intense care and love.

If you want to get in contact with Angie, here is her website

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