BandaSEA eV is a non-profit association based in Bonn. Our goal is to protect the underwater world of the Banda Sea in Indonesia by working with the local population of the Banda Islands to find solutions to problems such as plastic waste and overfishing. We are firmly convinced that marine protection projects can only be sustainable if they are carried out not only with but by the local population. Therefore, we rely on listening, joint concept development, intensive support during the project implementation and joint planning of financial independence for the continuation of the projects. This is possible because two of our founding members live on the Banda Islands.

This organization trains volunteers to utilize regular goods sustainable and discards the dump in a harmless way to the ecosystem. This decreases the pollution we humans cause to the coasts and the ocean.

Donations help

To accomplish their goals, they collect donations that help the ventures on the Banda Islands. Only ventures that guarantee to be harmless of coral reefs, sharks, marine vertebrates and other delicate marine life will be subsidized.

Trash the plastic

This time it is generally trash that doesn’t come from Banda: a solid westerly wind has cleaned up bunches of plastic containers over the most recent couple of days. Plastic containers are seldom utilized on the Banda Islands. The condition of the plastic items shows that it has been drifting in the ocean for quite a while.

Maga and a big group of volunteers have worked hard and liberated the whole shoreline from the plastic masses. To the surprise of no one, this marine plastic is then arranged, destroyed, and sent for reusing or, contingent upon the sort, handled in the pyrolysis plant.

Wrap up

The company wants to reestablish the well-being of marine and seaside environments or safeguard them in the long haul. For this, they aim to commit to protecting biodiversity and jeopardized species in the Banda Sea.

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