The Ocean Cleanup and the amazing story of the entrepreneur Bojan Slat

This Is the Largest Cleanup in History | the Ocean Cleanup

History’s Largest Ocean cleanup efforts

“Why can’t we clean this up?

Everyone knows that plastic is not a favorable item for marine life. And the stats tell us that rivers are the source of dumping millions of tons of plastic into the ocean each year. This plastic cannot get out by itself. The ocean world will only get better once we meet both ends meet; that is, we stop dumping and start cleaning simultaneously. 

The Ocean Clean up

A non-profit organization, The Ocean Cleanup, has taken a step forward through the help of technology and a mission to clean the plastic from the oceans of the world. They are adapting and scaling technologies with a long-term goal of only running this business until all the oceans are clean from plastic.

At the age of 16, the young Boyan Slat realized that while he was scuba diving in Greece, there was more plastic that could be seen in the ocean rather than the fish. The question of having this cleaned intrigued him, and he took this as a school project to research the problem of plastic pollution. A video came forward in which everyone found out through TedX talk that they dropped out of the school to found the Ocean Cleanup mission and company.

Current scenario

The owner spent many years on research leading to testing and iteration. At the moment, some technologies can intercept the plastic right there in the river before they reach the ocean, along with the potential to clean the debris that has been piled up for years to remove the plastic from the ocean. When plastic stays more, it gets fragmented into microplastic, which is even more challenging to clean. Plastic can be concentrated for extraction if a relative speed difference between the plastic and the clean-up system is maintained.

Wrap up

Plastic is dangerous for our earth, ocean, evolution, and environment. When multinational earning, firms are not playing their part, non-profit organizations feel it obligatory to take steps.

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