Researcher Josh Neunuebel’s Innovative Approach to Deciphering Mouse Communication

Josh Neunuebel, a neuroscientist, investigates how mice communicate and interact with one another in order to gain a better understanding of the mechanics of social dynamics. This knowledge could assist in the diagnosis and treatment of human communication disorders such as autism. The “mouse songs” that mice use to communicate with one another may be studied with the use of some tools that Neunuebel and his team have developed. These tools are ultrasonic noises. They record the interactions and sounds of the mice in a room that is fitted with microphones and a video camera. These recordings are then connected with certain behaviors using machine-learning programs and computational approaches.

Neunuebel’s work has already resulted in several exciting discoveries, and the behavior of mice in social settings is mostly determined by the sensory cues they get, such as scent and sight. His team is currently recording neural activity and examining how the brain processes this information to store social behavior in order to create a “dictionary” of mouse sounds and a link between those sounds and the behaviors that they are associated with. This research could help develop new treatments for communication disorders. Neunuebel’s research, in general, sheds light on how patterns of social interaction are encoded in the brain and has the potential to pave the way for novel approaches to the treatment of communication difficulties in humans.

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Dr. Jonathan Chabout, Neuroscientist at the Duke University Medical Center has already completed a significant amount of in-depth study on mouse songs by the year 2015, and the video that follows offers a glimpse into how his laboratory operates as well as the findings of his studies:

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