In Russia, in Ulyanovsk, Mikhail Tukash a worker in a Trash sorting facility noticed that something was moving within a closed plastic bag. Watch yourself. While it is sad to see that people are able to dum animals like this I find this video amazing and positive because it shows a couple of things.

A life was rescued in the last second from being crushed or shredded and the face of the worker speaks more than a thousand words. He is shocked. He must be a good person and he definitely helped that day to make the world a better place.

Surveillance footage at the garbage factory in Ulyanovsk in Russia showed worker Mikhail Tukash scooping up a white plastic bag from a moving belt and slashing it open to discover a black and white male cat inside.

Since his rescue on Monday, the cat quickly became a local celebrity which led to him being adopted by the Ulyanovsk region’s environment ministry and unofficially named deputy environment minister. “The cat was on the brink of death,” the ministry said on Wednesday. “A little more and it would have ended up in the trash separator.”

Pictures from the ministry showed the cat napping in a chair in the office of environment minister Gulnara Rakhmatulina and exploring its new environment. The ministry has announced a nationwide contest to choose a name for the cat, which it said was found to be in good health after a veterinary exam. “I want to appeal to pet owners: remember that you are responsible for those you have tamed,” Rakhmatulina said. “If you can’t keep your pet at home, you can always leave it in good hands or at a shelter.”

Source: Gorkomhoz / Ulyanovsk region Ministry of Environmnet / Reuters

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