Thursday, March 30, 2023
Animal Welfare Organisation Germany Award

Animal Protection Projects awarded by German Animal Welfare Federation

The German Animal Welfare Association, together with the food brands Whiskas and Pedigree as well as the magazines FUNK UHR and Super TV, honored...

One More Generation – A Story Of Determination And Responsibility

One More Generation is an organization that has spent countless days and nights working tirelessly for the main cause of animal protection and welfare....
Eat Plants not Friends

A Blend Of Bravery And Purpose

This article is about Elisa Aaltola, an inspiring leader in animal rights. She is specialised in animal philosophy, moral psychology and environmental philosophy.

50.000 Animals Rescued by Young Woman

How Ayesha Chundigar, a young entrepreneur, formed Pakistan's largest animal welfare organization. Animals are one of the biggest parts of our ecosystem. But there...
9 year old raising funds for charity

Nine-year-old treks 96 MILES to raise money for vet charity PDSA — The NEN...

Johnathan takes on Scotland’s West Highland Way to raise vital funds for sick and injured pets Nine-year-old Johnathan Westacott from North Devon has walked...

Everything you need to know about Dogwood Animal Rescue

Information about the famous Dogwood Animal Rescue in Sonoma County, Northern California.
Dolphin and Sunset

Denise Herzing and her Story of Communicating with Dolphins

Story about Dr Denise Herzing, the the founder and Research Director of the Wild Dolphin Project, a non-profit which funds the study of the natural behaviors and communication of Atlantic spotted dolphins in the wild.
little pig looking at you

India #1 in global Animal Treatment Index Rating

This article is about why India ranks number 1 in the Voiceless animal cruelty index and covers the reson for their good performance.
Kabul Animal Rescue

Kabul Small Animal Rescue: A Home for Abandoned and Unfortunate Animals

This Article is about the Kabul Small Animal Rescue who are operating a veterinary clinic in Kabul, Afghanistan

Elephants on Trial: Court Hearing for Freedom

Animal rights activists fight for the release of captive elephants in landmark case Are animals entitled to the same rights as humans? This is the...

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