Saturday, September 30, 2023

Everything you need to know about Dogwood Animal Rescue

Information about the famous Dogwood Animal Rescue in Sonoma County, Northern California.
Mikaila Ulmer a young and inspirational entrepreneur

Mikaila Ulmer: Breaking Expectations At Every Step

Mikaila Ulmer is a teenage entrepreneur and social worker who is known as the founder of ‘Me and the Bees’, a lemonade brand with a unique twist. Protecting Bees.
nerdy dog on notebook

Good News For Hackers

Information about online safety and why using your pets name as password for your computer is a bad idea but good news for hacker.

What is Intuitive Interspecies Communication?

Intuitive Interspecies Communication is an intriguing field that allows us to connect with animals in ways that go beyond words. Animal communicators use their intuition to understand the thoughts and emotions of animals, whereas researchers study their behavior using technology. Discover more about this burgeoning field and how it can aid in the creation of a more harmonious relationship between humans and animals.
Aerobotics7 drone searching for landmines

Young Entrepreneur invents Life-Saving Drone Technology

How young passionate inventors create an AI based flying technology to detect landmines and solve a big problem in many countries of the world.
Female Nerd Cyber Face

The Amazing Story of Erin Smith – Founder of FacePrint

This article is about Erin Smith, a young entrepreneuer turning the great idea of using technology and artificial intelligence into a health tec startup.

Mohnish Pabrai: The Millionaire Who Gives Back

Article about Mohnish Prabai and the Dakshana Foundation. An inspiring story of giving back and helping young students.
Cat rescue place

Kids for Cats

How two sisters aged 5 and 10 started an animal protection group. Sina and Yara Marchioni, were only five and ten years old when they...

Scientists Develop Hyper-Realistic Robotic Finch to Study Animal Communication

For many years, scientists have been fascinated by how animals communicate, and they have studied a wide range of species, from whales to bees....
Exploring The Use Of Blockchain For Wildlife Conservation

Exploring The Use Of Blockchain For Wildlife Conservation

0 Wildlife charity Born Free’s Founder and Executive President Will Travers OBE discusses how a charity focused on wildlife conservation, is using tech and where...

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