Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Discovering Culture: A Day in the Life of an Anthropologist

Exploring the World Through the Eyes of an Anthropologist An Anthropologist is a scientist who studies human culture, society, and behavior. They use a variety...

Every Sound Counts! What is Acoustic Ecology?

Acoustic ecology is like detective work for sounds. It's all about listening to and studying the sounds of nature and the world around us....

Nature’s Symphony Captured in a Fascinating Book

Uncovering the Beauty and Diversity of an Environmental Soundscape Have you ever wondered about the sounds that surround us in nature? The chirping of birds,...

One More Generation – A Story Of Determination And Responsibility

One More Generation is an organization that has spent countless days and nights working tirelessly for the main cause of animal protection and welfare....

Meet Cathy: Animal-Assisted Therapist

Understanding the Role of Therapy Animals in Mental Health Cathy is a dedicated mental health professional who has chosen to specialize in animal-assisted therapy. As...

Heroes for Wildlife: Organizations making a difference for animal conservation

The Nonhuman Rights Project: This organization is focused on securing legal rights for nonhuman animals, such as chimpanzees, elephants, and dolphins, through litigation and...
orangutan speaking to a human

Decoding Animal Languages: The Path to Legal Personhood

Exploring the Impact of AI and Machine Learning on our Understanding of Animal Cognition and Rights The idea of animals being granted legal personhood has...

Building a Dictionary of Mouse Songs

Neuroscientist Josh Neunuebel and his team utilize ultrasonic "mouse melodies" to explore how mice engage socially. They are constructing a "mouse song dictionary" to relate sounds to activities and track neural activity to learn how the brain remembers this knowledge. Neunuebel's studies can illuminate social dynamics and autism diagnosis and therapy.
whale and human diving

Event: Talk with Tom Mustill – How to Speak Whale

January 28, 2023 16:00 GMT / 11:00 EDT/ 08:00 PST How to Speak Whale: How tech is transforming our understanding of and relationship to the...
nerdy dog on notebook

Good News For Hackers

Information about online safety and why using your pets name as password for your computer is a bad idea but good news for hacker.

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