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this category is to cover job descriptions, and in the future job opportunities in this field

Jobs for Human-Animals

I'm trying to make a comprehensive list of all the different jobs out there that involve cross-species communication or empathy. It could be quite...

Understanding the Fascinating World of Animal Psychology

Job description: Animal Psychologist

Decoding the Secret Language of Animals: The Role of Ethologists

Exploring the mysteries of animal communication and behavior through the lens of Ethology Ethology is the scientific study of animal behavior. Ethologists are scientists who...

Building a Dictionary of Mouse Songs

Neuroscientist Josh Neunuebel and his team utilize ultrasonic "mouse melodies" to explore how mice engage socially. They are constructing a "mouse song dictionary" to relate sounds to activities and track neural activity to learn how the brain remembers this knowledge. Neunuebel's studies can illuminate social dynamics and autism diagnosis and therapy.

Discovering Culture: A Day in the Life of an Anthropologist

Exploring the World Through the Eyes of an Anthropologist An Anthropologist is a scientist who studies human culture, society, and behavior. They use a variety...

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