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this category is to cover job descriptions, and in the future job opportunities in this field

Jobs for Human-Animals

I'm trying to make a comprehensive list of all the different jobs out there that involve cross-species communication or empathy. It could be quite...

Understanding the Fascinating World of Animal Psychology

Job description: Animal Psychologist

SMASH is Nova Gorica University’s Machine Learning Initiative to Decode Animal Communication and Other...

SMASH is a groundbreaking machine learning project led by the University of Nova Gorica, designed to tackle some of the world's toughest challenges in science and humanities, including advancements in animal communication.

Listening to the Earth: The Role of an Acoustic Ecologist

Exploring the Hidden Sounds of Nature An Acoustic Ecologist is a scientist who studies the sounds of the natural world and how they interact with...

Meet Cathy: Animal-Assisted Therapist

Understanding the Role of Therapy Animals in Mental Health Cathy is a dedicated mental health professional who has chosen to specialize in animal-assisted therapy. As...

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