Monday, September 25, 2023
Young Millionaires have to start with a first step

How To Become A Teenage Millionaire Quickly

This article is about 3 young entrepreneur examples who started at early age with their business ideas and became successful. The story demonstrates that everyone can become successful.
little pig looking at you

India #1 in global Animal Treatment Index Rating

This article is about why India ranks number 1 in the Voiceless animal cruelty index and covers the reson for their good performance.
Cat rescue place

Kids for Cats

How two sisters aged 5 and 10 started an animal protection group. Sina and Yara Marchioni, were only five and ten years old when they...

One More Generation – A Story Of Determination And Responsibility

One More Generation is an organization that has spent countless days and nights working tirelessly for the main cause of animal protection and welfare....
Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology helps Farmers

Technology helping agricultural men  Blockchain agriculture empowers the recognizability of data in the food production network to develop food handling further. Blockchain's capacity to store...
Exploring The Use Of Blockchain For Wildlife Conservation

Exploring The Use Of Blockchain For Wildlife Conservation

0 Wildlife charity Born Free’s Founder and Executive President Will Travers OBE discusses how a charity focused on wildlife conservation, is using tech and where...

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