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Con Slobodchikoff – The Expert of Animal Language

Con Slobodchikoff researched the rodents and found out that they can communicate very similar to how people communicate with one another. Hence, this shows that these animals are way more intelligent than we think, and this breakthrough can be used to initiate communication between animals and humans.

Decoding Nonhuman Communication

I recommend to view the video "Decoding Nonhuman Communication | Polylogues - YouTube" to learn more about the fascinating topic of understanding non-human animal...

Scientists Develop Hyper-Realistic Robotic Finch to Study Animal Communication

For many years, scientists have been fascinated by how animals communicate, and they have studied a wide range of species, from whales to bees....

The Surprising Intelligence of Animals

From Elephants to Insects, Research is Revealing that Animal Intelligence is More Complex than We Thought Fascinating Research of animals is beginning to uncover the...

The Animal Kingdom’s Moral Compass: Understanding Morals in Animal Behavior

"From Meerkats' fair play to Naked mole-rat's monarchy: Uncovering the curious and diverse ways animals live by their morals" When it comes to animal behavior,...

Cracking the Code: How AI is Decoding Animal Languages for Sustainability

The Power of AI: Unlocking the Secrets of Animal Language for Sustainability. From 'Dr. Doolittle' to 'Dr. AI-little': How Artificial Intelligence is Making it Possible for Us to Talk to Our Furry (and Scaly, and Feathery) Friends

Building a Dictionary of Mouse Songs

Neuroscientist Josh Neunuebel and his team utilize ultrasonic "mouse melodies" to explore how mice engage socially. They are constructing a "mouse song dictionary" to relate sounds to activities and track neural activity to learn how the brain remembers this knowledge. Neunuebel's studies can illuminate social dynamics and autism diagnosis and therapy.

Elephants and their Emotions: Understanding the Gentle Giants

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an elephant? They are big and strong, with tough skin and sharp tusks....

Book Review: “How to Speak Whale”

How to Speak Whale is a truly captivating and entertaining book written by Tom Mustill, a wildlife filmmaker who had a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with...

Much Like Us – What Science Reveals about The Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviour of...

Professor Norbert Sachser discusses his fascinating insights into the inner lives of animals. Sachser's book "Much Like Us" highlights the enormous advances in our understanding of animal thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. He challenges us to question our assumptions and see humanity in our fellow creatures, touching on topics like animal empathy, warfare, and tool-making. Listen to a podcast in which Sachser discusses the evolution of behavioral biology and its implications for our understanding of animal behavior and emotions.

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