Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Con Slobodchikoff – The Expert of Animal Language

Con Slobodchikoff researched the rodents and found out that they can communicate very similar to how people communicate with one another. Hence, this shows that these animals are way more intelligent than we think, and this breakthrough can be used to initiate communication between animals and humans.

Decoding Nonhuman Communication

I recommend to view the video "Decoding Nonhuman Communication | Polylogues - YouTube" to learn more about the fascinating topic of understanding non-human animal...

Scientists Develop Hyper-Realistic Robotic Finch to Study Animal Communication

For many years, scientists have been fascinated by how animals communicate, and they have studied a wide range of species, from whales to bees....

Building a Dictionary of Mouse Songs

Neuroscientist Josh Neunuebel and his team utilize ultrasonic "mouse melodies" to explore how mice engage socially. They are constructing a "mouse song dictionary" to relate sounds to activities and track neural activity to learn how the brain remembers this knowledge. Neunuebel's studies can illuminate social dynamics and autism diagnosis and therapy.

Cracking the Code: How AI is Decoding Animal Languages for Sustainability

The Power of AI: Unlocking the Secrets of Animal Language for Sustainability. From 'Dr. Doolittle' to 'Dr. AI-little': How Artificial Intelligence is Making it Possible for Us to Talk to Our Furry (and Scaly, and Feathery) Friends

Book Review: “How to Speak Whale”

How to Speak Whale is a truly captivating and entertaining book written by Tom Mustill, a wildlife filmmaker who had a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with...

Nature’s Symphony Captured in a Fascinating Book

Uncovering the Beauty and Diversity of an Environmental Soundscape Have you ever wondered about the sounds that surround us in nature? The chirping of birds,...
a photo of an small easter black rail bird sitting on microphone

Hearing the Unheard: New Biacoustic Tools Reveal Birds’ Secrets

David Dobbs' "What Conservation Sounds Like" describes how modern biacoustic technologies are transforming wildlife research and conservation. The article explores using autonomous recording devices (ARUs) and call recognizers like the new BirdNET app to capture and analyze natural noises. This novel method lets researchers constantly monitor animal and human presence in numerous places and develop a big new instrument sensitive to population and ecosystem change.
Pigs and Dogs amd how they communicate with humans

Dogs are Better at Communicating with Humans than Pigs, Study Finds

A new study has found that dogs are better at communicating with humans than pigs. The research, which compared the way companion animals from two domestic species react to out-of-reach rewards in the presence of a human, found that while both dogs and pigs pay attention to humans, only dogs initiate referential communication with them. The study suggests that certain characteristics related to how animals communicate with each other may be important for them to also communicate with humans, providing insights into the evolution of human-animal communication

The Bat’s Incredible Vocal Range: Uncovering the Secrets of Echolocation

"Discovering How Bats Make Those Amazing Sounds" Bats are pretty cool animals, they have the ability to make a wide range of sounds that are...

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