Thursday, March 30, 2023

Book Review: “How to Speak Whale”

How to Speak Whale is a truly captivating and entertaining book written by Tom Mustill, a wildlife filmmaker who had a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with...

Cracking the Code: How AI is Decoding Animal Languages for Sustainability

The Power of AI: Unlocking the Secrets of Animal Language for Sustainability. From 'Dr. Doolittle' to 'Dr. AI-little': How Artificial Intelligence is Making it Possible for Us to Talk to Our Furry (and Scaly, and Feathery) Friends
muntjac deer

Flapping Faces

Muntjac Deer's Bizarre Scent Glands Allow for Unique Cross-Species Communication Have you ever seen a video of a deer with flappy skin on its face...

Shouting to be Heard

Dolphins Struggle to Communicate Due to Ocean Noise Pollution, Study Shows A study conducted by the School of Biological Sciences, University of Bristo and the...
a dog looking guilty

Understanding the moral lives of animals: Implications for our interactions and policies

An exploration of the field of animal moral and its impact on animal welfare and human understanding Animal are not just things, but beings with...
orangutan speaking to a human

Decoding Animal Languages: The Path to Legal Personhood

Exploring the Impact of AI and Machine Learning on our Understanding of Animal Cognition and Rights The idea of animals being granted legal personhood has...
Beluga Whale Talking

Noc – The Beluga Whale who tried to talk!

Story about Noc the Beluga whale who made human like sounds and probably asked his trainers to realese him into the wild.
Dolphin and Sunset

Denise Herzing and her Story of Communicating with Dolphins

Story about Dr Denise Herzing, the the founder and Research Director of the Wild Dolphin Project, a non-profit which funds the study of the natural behaviors and communication of Atlantic spotted dolphins in the wild.
cute animals

Con Slobodchikoff – The Expert of Animal Language

Con Slobodchikoff researched the rodents and found out that they can communicate very similar to how people communicate with one another. Hence, this shows that these animals are way more intelligent than we think, and this breakthrough can be used to initiate communication between animals and humans.

Angie – The Animal Communicator

Animals are the cutest creatures in the world. Some of them might be scary, but most of the animals are loving and adorable. Every...

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