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Abdul Sattar Edhi: A Father to the Fatherless

Abdul Sattar Edhi was a philanthropist and humanitarian. Edhi’s incredible commitment to humanitarian work earned him the title of ‘Angel of Mercy’ The Edhi foundation, to this date, has been working tirelessly for the betterment of humanity; helping the poor, the destitute, the helpless women, and the abandoned babies. He helped a million people set their path straight and lead better lives.

Mohnish Pabrai: The Millionaire Who Gives Back

Article about Mohnish Prabai and the Dakshana Foundation. An inspiring story of giving back and helping young students.

Cat rescued from garbage conveyor at the last second

Cat rescued from garbage conveyor at the last second. Everbody has the chance to become a hero every day. Mikhail Tukash from Ulyanovsk helped at that day to make the world a better place.

20,000 Bikers Respond To 6Yr Old Kilian Sass’ Dying Wish

6 year old dying Motorcross fan had a last wish. To see and hear loud bikers and his wish become true. 20.000 Biker showed up in fron of his home making lot's of noise.

The Amazing Story of Erin Smith – Founder of FacePrint

This article is about Erin Smith, a young entrepreneuer turning the great idea of using technology and artificial intelligence into a health tec startup.

Lukhanyo Gala – A Young Animal Rescue Hero

This story is about 9 year old Lukhanyo Gala, a Animal Rescuer from Cape Town - SA

Animal Activist Brian Davies: Someone Who Never Tires

Article about the famous Canadian Animal Welfare Activist Brian Davies and his fight for non-human animals.

The Secret of Camille M. Vasquez’s Success

This article explains why Camille M. Vasquez is so successful as attorney.

A Blend Of Bravery And Purpose

This article is about Elisa Aaltola, an inspiring leader in animal rights. She is specialised in animal philosophy, moral psychology and environmental philosophy.

Inspiring And Protecting The Lives Of Many

This article is about Jane Goodall and how she became an inspiration not only for young people.
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