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a dog looking guilty

Understanding the moral lives of animals: Implications for our interactions and policies

An exploration of the field of animal moral and its impact on animal welfare and human understanding Animal are not just things, but beings with...
Dog travelling in plane

What does PETC stand for?

What does PETC stand for? Explanation of a commonly used acronym when travelling with Pets by airline.


Abdul Sattar Edhi was a philanthropist and humanitarian

Abdul Sattar Edhi: A Father to the Fatherless

Abdul Sattar Edhi was a philanthropist and humanitarian. Edhi’s incredible commitment to humanitarian work earned him the title of ‘Angel of Mercy’ The Edhi foundation, to this date, has been working tirelessly for the betterment of humanity; helping the poor, the destitute, the helpless women, and the abandoned babies. He helped a million people set their path straight and lead better lives.
Cat rescued from garbage factory in Russia, adopted my ministry

Cat rescued from garbage conveyor at the last second

Cat rescued from garbage conveyor at the last second. Everbody has the chance to become a hero every day. Mikhail Tukash from Ulyanovsk helped at that day to make the world a better place.
Dog-friendly Restaurant offers special dish for dogs

Dog-Friendly Restaurant offers a Dish, especially for Dogs

Dog-friendly Restaurant offers special dish for dogs
kid on motorcross bike

20,000 Bikers Respond To 6Yr Old Kilian Sass’ Dying Wish

6 year old dying Motorcross fan had a last wish. To see and hear loud bikers and his wish become true. 20.000 Biker showed up in fron of his home making lot's of noise.
plastic eating bacteria, Ideonella sakaiensis

Morgan Vague and the Story of Plastic Eating Bacteria

This Article is about the detection of the plastic eating bacteria plasticIdeonella sakaiensis and the use of AI to improve the outcome
Jane Godall

Inspiring And Protecting The Lives Of Many

This article is about Jane Goodall and how she became an inspiration not only for young people.
Aerobotics7 drone searching for landmines

Young Entrepreneur invents Life-Saving Drone Technology

How young passionate inventors create an AI based flying technology to detect landmines and solve a big problem in many countries of the world.

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