Thursday, March 30, 2023
Lovacore Veg Box

What is a Social Enterprise Supermarket?

Locavore founded by Reuben Chester is the first social enterprise supermarket in Scotland. Their veg box is now popular and the company is thriving...


Aerobotics7 drone searching for landmines

Young Entrepreneur invents Life-Saving Drone Technology

How young passionate inventors create an AI based flying technology to detect landmines and solve a big problem in many countries of the world.
Dog-friendly Restaurant offers special dish for dogs

Dog-Friendly Restaurant offers a Dish, especially for Dogs

Dog-friendly Restaurant offers special dish for dogs
Zouri Shoes from the Ocean

Shoes from the Ocean?

Short story about an amazing entrepreneur who had the great idea to turn plastic trash from the ocean into something useful, shoes.
Cat rescued from garbage factory in Russia, adopted my ministry

Cat rescued from garbage conveyor at the last second

Cat rescued from garbage conveyor at the last second. Everbody has the chance to become a hero every day. Mikhail Tukash from Ulyanovsk helped at that day to make the world a better place.
Singapore Marina View on Container Ships and Gardens by the bay

Singapore’s New Tax Incentive for Greener Ships

Incentivizing the green ships Singapore's Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) will offer discounts on some fees and taxes for ships committed to cutting emissions beyond...
Foto von Charles Roth von Pexels

Dog Ditches Daycare and Rings Doorbell at Home

This is the link to a truly funny video about a runaway dog who escapes just to get home while the rest of his pack is on vacation
Abdul Sattar Edhi was a philanthropist and humanitarian

Abdul Sattar Edhi: A Father to the Fatherless

Abdul Sattar Edhi was a philanthropist and humanitarian. Edhi’s incredible commitment to humanitarian work earned him the title of ‘Angel of Mercy’ The Edhi foundation, to this date, has been working tirelessly for the betterment of humanity; helping the poor, the destitute, the helpless women, and the abandoned babies. He helped a million people set their path straight and lead better lives.
Jane Godall

Inspiring And Protecting The Lives Of Many

This article is about Jane Goodall and how she became an inspiration not only for young people.

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