Thursday, March 30, 2023
a dog looking guilty

Understanding the moral lives of animals: Implications for our interactions and policies

An exploration of the field of animal moral and its impact on animal welfare and human understanding Animal are not just things, but beings with...
muntjac deer

Flapping Faces

Muntjac Deer's Bizarre Scent Glands Allow for Unique Cross-Species Communication Have you ever seen a video of a deer with flappy skin on its face...
Jane Godall

Inspiring And Protecting The Lives Of Many

This article is about Jane Goodall and how she became an inspiration not only for young people.
Foto von Charles Roth von Pexels

Dog Ditches Daycare and Rings Doorbell at Home

This is the link to a truly funny video about a runaway dog who escapes just to get home while the rest of his pack is on vacation

Today is a new day….

This teacher is amazing

Elephants on Trial: Court Hearing for Freedom

Animal rights activists fight for the release of captive elephants in landmark case Are animals entitled to the same rights as humans? This is the...

Steep decline in German Meat Consumption

The Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE) report the numbers and trend of meat consumption in Germany showing an overall steep decline.
kid on motorcross bike

20,000 Bikers Respond To 6Yr Old Kilian Sass’ Dying Wish

6 year old dying Motorcross fan had a last wish. To see and hear loud bikers and his wish become true. 20.000 Biker showed up in fron of his home making lot's of noise.
Singapore Marina View on Container Ships and Gardens by the bay

Singapore’s New Tax Incentive for Greener Ships

Incentivizing the green ships Singapore's Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) will offer discounts on some fees and taxes for ships committed to cutting emissions beyond...

The Dangereous Effect of Impact Thinking

People working for larger enterprises know what I am talking about when mentioning the sometimes annoying push for Impact related thinking. Everything you do...

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