Thursday, March 30, 2023

The Dangereous Effect of Impact Thinking

People working for larger enterprises know what I am talking about when mentioning the sometimes annoying push for Impact related thinking. Everything you do...

Today is a new day….

This teacher is amazing
Workplace Sustainability

How to Create Sustainability in The Workplace — MiddleMe

With climate change affecting every industry, sustainability in the workplace is becoming one of the important tenets companies and businesses of all sizes are...
A Bag made from Jute

Bags made from biodegradable Jute

What is Jute? Jute is a natural fiber derived from plants. The long, soft and shiny fibers are spun into coarse, strong threads that are...
Singapore Marina View on Container Ships and Gardens by the bay

Singapore’s New Tax Incentive for Greener Ships

Incentivizing the green ships Singapore's Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) will offer discounts on some fees and taxes for ships committed to cutting emissions beyond...
Lovacore Veg Box

What is a Social Enterprise Supermarket?

Locavore founded by Reuben Chester is the first social enterprise supermarket in Scotland. Their veg box is now popular and the company is thriving...

BandaSea restores the Health of Marine and Coastal Habitats

BandaSEA eV is a non-profit association based in Bonn. Our goal is to protect the underwater world of the Banda Sea in Indonesia by...
The Ocean Cleanup Story

Bojan Slat knows how to clean an entire ocean

The Ocean Cleanup and the amazing story of the entrepreneur Bojan Slat This Is the Largest Cleanup in History | the Ocean Cleanup History’s Largest...
Zouri Shoes from the Ocean

Shoes from the Ocean?

Short story about an amazing entrepreneur who had the great idea to turn plastic trash from the ocean into something useful, shoes.
Foto von Charles Roth von Pexels

Dog Ditches Daycare and Rings Doorbell at Home

This is the link to a truly funny video about a runaway dog who escapes just to get home while the rest of his pack is on vacation

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