Many people throughout the world have done various different research on animals. One of the most common topics for animal research is their way of talking and understanding their language. However, understanding the language of animals is almost impossible. People have tried to invent different software and devices to help them translate what their pet is saying, do experiments on animals, and so many other things to understand the language.

There are a lot of people who have studied the topic of language, and among them is Con Slobodchikoff. He is known for the amazing books he wrote on understanding the language of animals (e.g. Chasing Doctor Dolittle: Learning the Language of Animals).

Chasing Doctor Dolittle: Learning the Language of Animals

He performed different experiments through which he could also understand how animals talk and what they are trying to tell humans. Here you find everything about Con Slobodchikoff, his background, and what he did in order to achieve his aim.

Who is Con Slobodchikoff?

Con Slobodchikoff was born on April 23rd, 1944, in Shanghai, China. He is a famous animal behaviorist and also a conservation biologist. Since childhood, Con Slobodchikoff has loved animals and anything related to biology. He has an inquisitive nature that made him want to understand more about the animals and the way they talked. He also wants to do something through which animals could communicate with humans and tell them about their needs.

He has done different researches and studies of various aspects of animals. However, one discovery of Con Slobodchikoff that made him famous is his research on animal language. He also developed an institute named the Animal Language Institute. Here people from around the world who have the same mission come forward and do research in animal communication. He made a platform where people could quickly get the resources to do their research and have a comfortable environment.

Con Slobodchikoff studies on animal communication:

The preliminary study of Con Slobodchikoff, because of which he got a lot of fame, was on the Prairie dogs. The name is more commonly known as Prairie dogs of Rodents. He started decoding the communication system of the Prairie dogs, that is, their alarm calls. He wanted to know everything about this system so that he could use it to communicate between rodents and humans.

Con Slobodchikoff and his students found out that the Prairie dogs have a sophisticated and organized way of communicating with each other. Through this communication, they tell each other about the predators and any danger that might be approaching their clan. The best part about this communication is that they can even tell each other the size, color, shape, and all the small details of the predators.

Con Slobodchikoff saw that the Prairie dogs also have the ability to make new words that can be used to describe and refer to the things around them, especially the predators. This process is called productivity Con was very surprised to see this function of the rodents as this is one of the most advanced forms of communication. The most surprising thing was that humans only do this type of communication.

What is the goal of Con Slobodchikoff?

Con Slobodchikoff and his team are doing many other types of research and studies on the grammar of the prairie dogs. Through this, they can learn the vocalization of the rodents, which helps them to put these words together. This might be a breakthrough as this can be used as a communication route between animals and humans.

People can also be the science behind the prairie communicating system and use it on other animals to transform their way of communication. Hence, this unique research and discovery done by Con and his team show there might be a possibility that animals and humans can understand one another perfectly.


Finding a way through which you can communicate with the animals is a big deal. Many people have been working on this type of project; however, Con Slobodchikoff was the first to make significant advances in research on it. He researched the rodents and found out that they can communicate very similar to how people communicate with one another. Hence, this shows that these animals are way more intelligent than we think, and this breakthrough can be used to initiate communication between animals and humans.

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