Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an elephant? They are big and strong, with tough skin and sharp tusks. But did you know that elephants also have feelings and emotions, just like us? They are known as gentle giants because they are known for showing empathy, emotions and intelligence.

Elephants are Empathetic: Just like us, elephants can understand and feel what other elephants are feeling. They have been known to help other elephants who are injured or sad. For example, if one elephant in the herd can’t walk as fast, the rest of the herd will slow down so that the injured elephant doesn’t get left behind. Elephants have also been seen trying to help other elephants who are dying, by lifting them with their trunks and calling out in distress.

Physical Touch: When we feel scared or upset, a hug from a loved one can make us feel better. Elephants also comfort each other with touch. When an elephant is scared or upset, the others in the herd will stroke its trunk to make it feel better.

Elephants Mourn the Dead: Elephants have been known to show signs of grief and mourning when they come across the remains of another elephant. They will stop and take a silent pause for several minutes, smelling and touching the bones as a sign of respect. They have also been known to cover the remains with branches or other debris. They remember and mourn loved ones even many years after their death.

Love: The bond between a mother elephant and her calf is one of the strongest in the animal kingdom. A mother will protect and fetch her calf if it strays too far away. They will touch each other with their trunks and help each other stand up if they fall. This bond can last for up to 50 years!

Joy: Elephants also feel joy! They celebrate births and reunions with bellowing and trumpeting. When they see other elephants they haven’t seen in a while, they will call out happily to each other.

In short, elephants have complex emotions and are capable of feeling empathy, love, and joy just like us. They are not just huge and strong animals, but gentle giants with big hearts.”

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