Dogwood Animal Rescue is a non-profit, volunteer-driven animal care organization in Sonoma County, Northern California. This foster-based NGO does not have shelters to keep these animals; rather, the animals are taken care of in the homes of their volunteers until someone eligible enough wants to adopt them.

They have over 200 volunteers, most of which participate in various projects, from active fostering to planning different events, fundraisers, transportation, dealing with applications, and much more. So, they are providing volunteering opportunities to the residents. They have changed the lives of thousands of animals by providing them with a temporary home before sending them to their new loving owners.


The Dogwood Animal Rescue Project motto is “Making a difference, one animal at a time.” They mainly work so that those animals who are not getting the care and attention they deserve can enjoy wonderful lives. Shirley Zindler, the founder of Dogwood Animal Rescue, says she often saw how our society neglected these unfortunate animals. She wanted to do something about this. To make a difference and to stand out in society. That’s why she started this foster-based project.

Which Animals do they care for and how?

They deal with both canine and feline animals. They ensure the animals get all the necessary care, including fostering, rehabilitation, spay/neuter, education, and overall wellness.


You can adopt either a dog or a cat at Dogwood Animal Rescue. You can start by filling out the application form. You can get the form on their official website. There is an option to apply for a random animal (dog/cat), or you can also request a specific type of animal. Their adoption team will then review your application, which consists entirely of volunteers. They confirm various factors, and if you are the best candidate for the pet, they’ll contact you regarding further details.

Animal Surrender:

You can surrender your canine or feline animal to their organization if you think you can’t give your pet the care it needs. You’ll sign various forms saying you want to give up the ownership of your pet. Rest assured that your pet will be in good hands at the organization. Until a deserving family applies for your dog or cat, it will be cared for in the homes of their loving and caring volunteers.

Team up with Dogwood Animal Rescue:

Spending time with animals is empirically proven to be good for your health. You can make a difference in society by collaborating with animal rescue and shelter teams. Dogwood Animal Rescue offers several programs for you to get involved in this reputable duty.

1) Volunteering: 

Volunteering generally boosts your confidence and self-esteem. But when it comes to helping animals, it improves your mental health, energy, and experience.

Dogwood Animal Rescue offers this opportunity for anyone with either skill of photography, graphic designing, fund-raising, or tech assistance. Fill up the “volunteer” form at the dogwood website and start lending a helping hand.

2) Canine Fostering:

Any act of kindness never goes unrewarded. Fostering a pet changes its life to be more social and confident. If you are someone always longing for a good companion, opt for a cool canine fellow.

Fill out the “Canine Foster Application” on the dogwood animal secure website, and you’re all set to welcome a new friend!

3) Feline Fostering:

Do you empathetically need to help animals but have a busy schedule? Go for fostering a feline fellow!

Dogwood Animal Rescue is providing you a chance to nurture a cat by filling out the Feline Foster Application form. Cats need less space and less maintenance than canines.

Shop For Your Pets! 

Dogwood Animal Rescue has various marketable pet-caring products on its website. It offers you the freedom to either buy for yourself or your pet.

The type of products you can get for your pet:

The list of items available on the Dogwood website for your pet pal is:

  • Silicone Pet bowls
  • Tote Bags
  • Stool Bag holders
  • Key Fobs

Products you can get for yourself:

  • T-shirts of Dogwood Crew
  • Zip Hoodies in different colors
  • Baseball Hats
  • Sympathy Cards


California-based organization Dogwood Animal Rescue is standing out, rescuing animals and nurturing them well. Head to their website now if you are willing to support them by buying, adopting, donating, or volunteering. You can see a list of available animals on their homepage and choose accordingly. Join the different events like seasonal sales of their products and fundraisers arranged by the Dogwood team.

You can contact the founders through the website in case of any queries!

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