While there are enough examples of teenagers who became successful in business, the question should not be if this can be done quickly because analyzing the reasons why kids or teens became a famous young entrepreneurs, the speed of the process actually did not play a role. We strongly recommend viewing a great video showing three young entrepreneur examples. The link follows below.

Three famous young entrepreneurs with different ideas.

Ali Kitina

Freedom Scrub

One quote of wisdom in this regard is what Ali Kitinas the founder of “Freedom Scrub” said:

“Your Age does not matter and should never be a barrier”

Ali Kitinas, founder of “Freedom Scrub”

Ali had the amazing idea to use used coffee grains and make skincare products out of it and sell it and her business grew successful and big. She also expressed how important the empowerment of her parents was for her to become successful.

Jack Bloomfield

The Bloom Group

jack had already big dreams when he was only 8 years old. Today he is running a big company, “The Bloom Group

He started early to sell lemonade or cut the lawn of other people for money. He always thought about how to make money and how to be more efficient and develop ideas on how to make money. He also designed web pages and started an online business selling gift cards, iPhone cases, or other items that are in right now. He is full of energy and motivated to do business but the underlying motivation was not to get rich quickly, it was rather to become successful. Rich comes sort of as a side effect when you are fully dedicated and driven for success. A tricky part for him was always to combine school, sports and business but he showed proof that it is possible.

Morgan Hipworth

Bistro Morgan

Morgan is also a great example of a famous young entrepreneur. He always loved cooking and so he cooked and cooked and created yummy muffins and word soon got around how good his products tasted, and a local café asked him if he wouldn’t deliver to them on a regular basis. That was the start of his business at an early age. He was supported and empowered by his parents. Today he is quite famous with his Shops called Bistro Morgan.

To sum it up. Go, do it!

“No” is an entrepreneurs best friend. It creates opportunities. The quicker you get ofF momies and daddies payroll, the more happier you will be in life

Gary Vaynerchuk

Teen millionaires: the young entrepreneurs running successful businesses

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