Animals are the most innocent and maltreated creatures on earth. Indeed, they are loved by many humans but at the same time, some others face cruelty and abandonment. They deserve to be treated humanely. The care, support, and proper training should be part of their lives. It is our duty to play a role in the betterment of their lives because one person and organization cannot watch over the entire world’s animals.

While considering the poor condition of street animals, Kabul small animal rescue has taken steps to serve and back these subjugated creatures. A huge team has come together to make the world a better place for animals.

Kabul Small Animal Rescue Prime Mission

Keeping in view the traumatic condition and lack of facilities for animal care, KSAR is dedicated to providing a safe place to rescue partners and medical care to animals. Its prime mission is to provide a homely environment for unfortunate animals and help them find a better place to live.

Happy Dog in the Kabul Small Animal Rescue Center

About Kabul Small Animal Rescue

KSAR is a veterinary clinic operating in Kabul, Afghanistan, and the United States working as non-profit organization. It has been serving the street animals such as cats and dogs and every little one facing worldly cruelty. Kabul animal rescue has been in action since 2018. It provides 24 hours for routine and emergency care. KARS works to home animals locally and abroad. The figure fluctuates, but a huge team of 90 members is currently working actively.

·       Rescue and Education:

Animals that lack general care are not only welcomed with open arms but also nourished and looked after under expert observation. They also strive to bring traumatized animals back to their natural habits in a friendly and encouraging environment.

·       Animal Welfare:

Kabul Small Animal Rescue is not a single body. It has taken the initiative but invites everyone to contribute to this noble cause. They strive to raise living standards by helping find a good home. KSAR engages the community to adopt such animals. You can also play your part by providing funds so they can continue to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home every animal in their care.

Their Primary Target Areas

As the name reflects, KSAR is based in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul. However, its reach of animal welfare is not restricted. The connection works in different parts of the world to safely transport animals, mainly in the United States and Afghanistan.

What Services Do They Provide?

Kabul Small Animal Rescue focuses on dogs and cats, but occasionally they check livestock in emergencies. Whatever animals they are treating, they make sure that it is taken care of. Some special services are given below:

·       Animal Rescue:

KSAR never rejects any animal. It tries to handle all kinds of cases requiring medical attention. From minor injuries to animal fights, road accidents, and weather considerations after, the rescue care center provides every possible assistance.

Animal Rescue in Action

·       Anti-Cruelty:

KSAR is working to eradicate animal cruelty from society. Animal cruelty includes throwing, shooting, stabbing, neglecting, fighting, bating, and other ways that hurt an animal. This active animal welfare society takes in abandoned and injured animals and takes proper care. KSAR also spreads awareness through social media to be gentle with these voiceless creatures.

·       Shelter:

Not only rescue but providing a comfortable place for recovery and living is part of KSAR’s initiative. While arranging a recovery center, they have developed a cozy spot for homeless animals with no capability to survive on the streets. Currently, around 180 dogs and 60 cats are getting medical assistance and proper care.

How do They Take Care of Animals?

Do you think providing food and shelter is enough for cats and dogs? Probably you are right, but KSAR thinks of average facilities. To provide a homely, friendly, and healthy environment, they employ overnight staff to keep the pets accompanied. They ensure that cats and dogs get enough time to play and socialize daily through monitored pay groups. They get to learn to be friendly in human society.

Kabul Small Animal Rescue maintains high levels of hygiene, food quality, and authentic medicines. Instead of abandoning them in the streets, people can trust KSAR to save the pet from dying in the street.

Final Verdict

Kabul Animal Rescue is a well-known non-profit animal welfare organization. They care for the basic needs of abandoned and sick animals, especially cats and dogs. It is a non-profit organization where professional veterinary doctors work to provide professional care to ill and injured animals. KSAR invites you to play your part by adopting animals from them.

Here are the contact details of the Kabul Small Animal Rescue:

Telephone: +93 70 783 0605

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