How young kids can help save lives – an inspirational story

At only 9 years old, Lukhanyo Gala from Cape Town in South Africa is already an inspiration for all of us. What exactly is he doing that stands out and makes him special?

Lukhanyo Gala - Animal Rescuer - Cape Town - SA
Lukhanyo Gala – Animal Rescuer – Cape Town – SA

Well, when Lukhanyo sees life in danger, for example, a stray dog in the streets of his town that seems to need help he is not moving on or play with his friends and looks away, instead, he shows leadership and takes action by evaluating the situation, taking care of the little soul in need and alerting animal rescue organizations like Tears who then have the resources to take care of the animal. Tears is providing a range of professional services for rescued animals so as a veterinarian clinic, and a mobile clinic, they provide community education and rehabilitate and rehome the animals.

If only more kids were so attentive and showing compassion towards the animals that live amongst us.

I have no doubt that with this attitude and willingness to help others we will hear more good stories about Lokhanyo in the future. I am so touched by this that I also want to share the donation details of the TEARS Animal Rescue Organisation for everybody here who wants to help Lukhanyo and the team.

We have also posted an article about Brian Davis who is one of the founders of the Network for Animals and supports the Tears Organisation in Cape Town, South Africa.

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