One More Generation is an organization that has spent countless days and nights working tirelessly for the main cause of animal protection and welfare. Surprisingly, the organization was founded by two young and fragile minds: Olivia and Carter.

The two siblings, upon comprehension, realized the grave danger wildlife and marine life was facing. How vulnerable these animals were to human ignorance.

How It All Started?

It all began in 2008 when Olivia was seven and Carter was 8. Their aunt adopted cheetahs from a rescue sanctuary in South Africa. After the adoption, these little brains started wondering why humans adopt animals. It is when the two learned about how animal protection shelters work to save these endangered species from being extinct. 

Without sanctuaries, these magnificent animals would not survive. Upon learning the plight of animals, these two strong-willed kids embarked upon a mission to protect endangered species. And that is where One More Generation took birth.

While the journey was not easy, these children held their ground. For 14 days straight, Olivia and Carter scanned through all the information available regarding endangered species. They finally launched their organization, OMG (One More Generation), and their goal was to preserve all “endangered species for one more generation and beyond.”

Highlights For One More Generation

When the Gulf Mexico oil spill disaster occurred, marine life took a serious hit. The underwater animals were vulnerable and in dire need of help. Once again, Olivia and Carter took the first step and contacted the animal protection team involved in cleaning up the spill and assisted them.

These two kids went door to door asking for donations. After working tirelessly for four months, the two drove 11 hours to Gulf Mexico to deliver the required supplies.

They also came across another harsh reality during that trip- plastic pollution. Turns out that plastic was a much bigger threat compared to the oil spill. 

These children had now decided to battle against plastic that kills marine life by either being ingested or tangled. 

After successfully implementing changes at home, the two began raising awareness among their peers regarding animal welfare and behavior. Their goal was to inculcate a habit of saying no to plastic along with other students at their school. They collaborated with teachers and created a one-week curriculum on the plastic pollution problem. Their Plastic Awareness Program met the standard criteria of Local and National State Standards.

Moreover, they introduced their program in Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom. More than 70 international organizations are currently working with them to educate people about the hazards of plastic pollution.

In 2011, they initiated a Rhino Writing Letter campaign to end the killing of Rhinos in South Africa. They aimed to collect as many as 1,000 letters from different schools across and deliver them to the government of South Africa. On their second visit to South Africa, they had more than 10,000 letters.

The brave siblings collaborated with the US embassy in Vietnam and designed an outreach program to raise awareness about the welfare of endangered species and animal conservation issues.

Olivia and Carter are true inspirations. With their efforts, we realize that cruelty to the creatures is cruelty to nature. They began their contribution to nature at the tender ages of 7 and 8. Who is to say that we cannot do the same?

After all, it is very easy to love and be kind. That is all we need to start with. When we know how to love, it is very easy to put forth our two cents in protecting nature and all the life that comes with it. 

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