The great story of Shiok Meat founded by the inspiring Dr. Sandhya Sriram

The story of a Mini-Plant doing wonders

Asia’s protein source majorly comes from seafood. Lately, Singapore has arisen as the food tech capital of Asia, with more than 15 new companies entering the elective protein area in two years alone. This has prompted more noteworthy accessibility and acknowledgment of practical plant-based meat substitutes in general stores and café menus. Nonetheless, one neighborhood fire up is diagramming another way regarding elective proteins, zeroing in not on plant-based other options but rather on developing meat straightforwardly from cells, disposing of the need to butcher animals for food.

Dr. Sandhya Sriram and Dr. Ka Yi Ling imagined the possibility of Shiok Meats. They helped establish the organization with a firm conviction that a practical arrangement was expected to take care of the steadily expanding populace without putting an extra burden on the declining ocean wellbeing.

Science and technology are doing wonders

A stem cell biologist and a scientist named Sandhya, who is the Group’s Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman, is a thought leader, a serial entrepreneur, and a business development professional. Ka Yi is a specialist in tracing and studying cell biology and stem cells. She is at the moment acting as a Chief Technology Officer for the Shiok Meats.

The first in its kind, research, and development, Shiok Meats has introduced the Mini-plant. This is about cultivating the seafood in the city on November 22. They have marked the facility of the first-ever bell-based seafood-related R&D in Singapore. According to Grace Fu, the environmental minister, this mini plant is a welcome to the sustainable ecosystem of agri-food.

Mini-plant –cell-based seafood

Sandhya co-founded Shiok Meats in the year 2018. The idea was to first explore the potential of this cell-cultured seafood. They first unveiled the world’s first burger patty grown in the lab. Similarly, a leading mini-plant was constructed in FoodNet International Holdings. It plans to commercialize meats such as crayfish, shrimp, crab, and lobster already currently cultivated.

Wrap Up

Nothing lasts forever. Therefore, wise men and woman have understood that when it comes to preserving resources, it is important to take steps with the help of technology.

Shiok Meats
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