Amazing invention by a young firefighter to improve Firefighting technology

Jan Heinemann, just 19 years old, has just graduated from high school and has already founded a start-up. From the next winter semester, he will probably study industrial engineering at the TU Darmstadt, specializing in mechanical engineering.

As he was always interested in firefighting topics one day Jan thought about how to improve a special situation. An idea was born and the goal was to increase the safety of firefighters by a way to prevent people from entering burning buildings avoid.

Drafts were made and eventually Jan had a finished version of his firefighting tool ready to present. The extinguishing hedgehog offers, with easy and intuitive handling, a possibility to avoid entering dangerous areas. Instead of emergency personnel, the extinguishing hedgehog, which is mounted on a ladder, can simply be pushed forward. The safety distance and thus the safety of the firefighters is significantly increased. The extinguishing hedgehog is particularly useful for industrial fires or the precipitation of gases and aerosols, such as chlorine gas.

“With the extinguishing hedgehog, I not only found a way to make the work of firefighters safer but also fulfilled a childhood dream. Even in kindergarten, I wanted to be an inventor.”

Jan Heinemann

It takes more than just a good idea to be an inventor. It took a lot of time from the idea, through the various prototypes, to the product being ready for the market. In this case, it took almost three years. During this time, 4 prototypes were created, the second of which broke directly during an exercise. The team got bigger, you also had to learn to hand over tasks. At the beginning of this year the founding of Loeschigel GmbH. The first own start-up.
And suddenly you’re not just an inventor, you’re also a managing director. In the end, the motto “More safety for emergency services” became much more than just an idea.

“Löschigel” – extinguishing hedgehog
extinguishing hedgehog in action
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