In a presentation titled “Speaking with Other Animals through Intuitive Interspecies Communication towards Cognitive and Interspecies Justice,” Dr. MJ Barrett gives credit to animal communicators, elders, traditional knowledge keepers, and ancestors for their roles in the research that was conducted. The importance of intuitive modes of communication across species, as emphasized in the study, is emphasized in order to enhance the flourishing of all beings and to better understand the views of animals. The ability to engage in intuitive interspecies communication (IIC) allows humans and other animals to communicate with one another in a two-way manner. This communication does not require any visual interaction or other form of physical signaling, and it can take place regardless of the animals’ or humans’ proximity to one another. In the study, instances of IIC and its transformative potential for scholarship and personal relationships with animals are presented. As a result, the report encourages researchers to reevaluate their interactions with non-human animals and to go beyond the idea that humans are exceptional. In addition to this, the publication provides implications for future research, such as the importance of informed permission when studying animal communication.

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