Good News is coming from the German Federal Information Center for Agriculture (BZL).

Year over year we notice a reduction in meat consumption, which is definitely amazing news in various aspects. Firstly, it means people are eating more balanced nutrition with less meat and a more plant-based diet. This also means positive news for the environment because plant based-diets mean less water and grains used to feed animals. By reducing our animal-based foods consumption, we would reduce our water use at least by half as animal husbandry utilizes more than 50% of freshwater. These reductions would reduce the direct and indirect threats to Earth’s health and habitability for us, and for all wildlife, flora, and fauna. (Source)

This graph provided by the Federal Information Center for Agriculture shows the decline in meat. The only bad news is the number of animals slaughtered is on the rise because people shift to eating smaller animals like chickens and that means more lives have to be taken. If someone wants to reduce animal suffering but does not want to give up completely on meat consumption then eating larger animals would help because one cow can feed much more people than one chicken and both are lives, they are just different in size.

Per capita consumption of meat in Germany in 2021

SOURCEBundesinformationszentrums Landwirtschaft (BZL)
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