Butterflies Are Endanger – A Short Motivational Story

Lost dogs, endangered ducks, and abandoned cats, all need to be rescued this year.  

 “I wish this myth that shelter animals are defective or aggressive by default would just stop!”

Said Animal Rescuer, Marina.

They are creatures that need love, compassion, and care. How will you feel when somebody suddenly kicks you from your home? Surely helpless. Many dogs, cats, and pets are abandoned on roads with no necessities daily.

We’ve been seeing various populations of species decreasing or deceased due to human activities. Pandas, bears, and other speechless creatures are examples of this cruelty.

But glad to see some activists have been working to develop a sustainable, better living for these tiny creatures. Small species like butterflies, bees, and lizards play a significant role in our ecosystem.

Their importance is being recognized by Duncan Jurman, whose age was 16 when he started his project “Bring Butterflies Back“. He has been fascinated by butterflies since he was very young. Due to his quick observant nature and compassion toward these species, he abruptly noticed that the butterfly population is declining globally with every passing day.

By keeping all these aspects in mind, he developed a garden with the vivarium in his own place, where he raised almost 5000 butterflies to release the latter. Following that, in 2018, he established a huge garden and vivarium in his school that captivates more than 28 species.

According to Jurman, “From teaching, I recognized that most students don’t know the essential roles butterflies play in our ecosystems — as pollinators of plants and key food sources for numerous animals, such as birds and lizards — and the diversity of species in South Florida,” Jurman said. “Most also don’t know that butterfly populations worldwide are in serious jeopardy. Students today as a whole are more technology-oriented and have far less concern for, and knowledge of, gardening, insects, and nature in general than previous generations.”

“I want to change this situation and realize there’s an opportunity to raise youth awareness of the importance of butterflies, the many threats facing them, and the relatively little effort necessary to have an immediate impact on the future of butterflies,” he added. 

He is committed to rescuing the endangered butterfly population by working with the gardens and local residents. (av 4 22)

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