Since our site is focused on stories about animals we are covering the animal or rather a pet-related explanation of this Acronym and in this case it means: Pet in Cabin (airline industry) or Animal in cabin (IATA codes)

There are many other meanings for this word like “People for the Ethical Treatment of Children” and the search engines will probably lead you to the famous Pet store Petco

Here are some explanations by different airlines about PETC

(please check yourself for the latest updates on the related websites)

Cabo Verde Airlines

With Cabo Verde Airlines pets can travel with maximum safety and comfort. In the cabin (dogs and cats) or in the hold according to weight and dimensions. The reservation for transporting animals can be made in advance. When transporting animals, different fares apply, depending on the route. Animals are not included in the free luggage and are always charged as extra weight. Cabo Verde Airlines limits the maximum of 02 PETC and 04 AVIH per flight.

AVIH means Animal in hold (AVIH) animals transported in the baggage hold of an aircraft as checked baggage or as cargo.

LATAM Airlines:

  • LATAM allows the transportation of small pets (dogs and cats) within a pet carrier in the aircraft cabin by the passenger´s feet. 
  • It is not allowed to transport PETC from/to: Australia, New Zealand, Papeete and England; and Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica and Galapagos Islands.
  • The service is available in Economy cabin for the rest of the LATAM* routes operated by the following type of aircrafts


Small dogs and cats, who weigh a maximum of 8 kg including a suitable transport container, may be taken with you into the passenger cabin. When travelling with assistance dogs (for example, guide dogs or hearing dogs) the following exceptions apply in the cabin.

Please note: each passenger is allowed to take a maximum of two animals with them (in an approved transport container). Animals can be transported either in the cabin and/or in the cargo hold:

  • No more than two animals (dog or cat) in the cabin (in an approved transport container) or no more than two animals in the cargo hold (in one or two approved transport containers)
  • One animal (dog or cat) in the cabin (in an approved transport container) and one animal in the cargo hold (in an approved transport container)

You can find more detailed information about the design and dimensions of the transport container here.
Special regulations also apply to breeds of fighting dogs and snub-nosed animal breeds.

Please also note the minimum age of the animals to be transported. For dogs and cats the minimum age is:

  • 12 weeks,
  • for transportation, to/from Germany 15 weeks.

Pegasus flights

Pet transportation on Pegasus flights is offered as a Special Service for an additional fee. Only cats, dogs and birds are allowed on domestic flights, and only cats and dogs on international flights.

  • Wild, predatory, fighting dogs and birds are not allowed to be transported.
  • Kangal dogs can only be transported up to the age of six months. American Pit Bull, American Staffordshire Terrier, Boxer, American Bulldog, Caucasian, Chow, Doberman, Dogo Argentinos, Fila Brazileiro, Japanese Tosa, Mastiff, Mastino Napoletano, Pit Bull Terrier, Presa Canario and Rottweiler breeds are not allowed.
  • Pets must be older than 12 weeks (3 months) to be accepted on the flight. Pregnant animals, kittens and dogs that have not been weaned, and nursing mothers are not allowed to fly.
  • Pets weighing less than 8 kilogramscan be transported inside the cabin (PETC), in their cages or travel bags. The maximum dimensions accepted by Pegasus are 32 cm x 32 cm x 50 cm. Pets over this weight will travel in the ventilated cargo compartment (AVIH).
  • AVIH pets are only allowed on our domestic flights. However, PETC pets, other than birds, can be carried in the cabin on all Pegasus flights, except those to England, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Permitted bird species may only carried on domestic flights and in the cabin. For all pets (PETC or AVIH) that will travel, it is the passenger’s responsibility to meet the requirements of applicable legal regulations at departure, arrival, transfer and intermediate transit points.
  • All pet transport requests (PETC or AVIH) are processed only through the Pegasus Call Centre or Travel Agencies.
  • PETC pets are able to travel in the cabin as long as their cage does not exceed 32 cm x 32 cm x 50 cm. A maximum of 2 cats, 2 dogs or 2 birds can be transported in the same cage as long as they are mother and offspring or offspring from the same mother.
  • Passengers must have a health certificate, vaccination certificate and ID for the pet travelling with them. Passengers travelling to European Union member countries are required to have a pet passport with them for the pet they are travelling with.
  • Passengers travelling with PETC pets cannot travel in emergency exit seats or front-row seats with additional leg room.
  • Please click for the Special Rules Regarding Pets Not Carried in the Cabin (AVIH).
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