The Entrepreneurship Centre connects founders at Frankfurt School with relevant partners and offers incubator and accelerator programmes to support them in every phase of their start-up. In addition to access to an exclusive network, particular attention is paid to the development of agile structures to ensure the future competitiveness of the companies. At its launch, the Centre already has several start-ups from a wide range of industries in its portfolio.

  • Incubator and accelerator programmes for students and external stakeholders across all sectors
  • Access to partners, mentors and investors
  • The Centre’s intention is to foster the growth of entrepreneurial ventures and the start-up community in Frankfurt

“Our mission is to inspire, connect and provide training,…we aim to move our start-ups forward quickly while ensuring their sustainable development”

Ram Shoham, Director of the Frankfurt School Entrepreneurship Centre

The FS Accelerator is a six to eight-week full-time programme that supports founders in advancing to the next level. This means that several months’ work can be implemented in a very short space of time. Through this hands-on approach, the FS team aims to move their start-ups forward quickly while ensuring their sustainable development.”

Professor Nils Stieglitz, President of Frankfurt School, adds: “As a Business School we are here to educate tomorrow’s impactful leaders. With the new Entrepreneurship Centre, we expand that vision to the start-up community in Frankfurt and beyond. The Centre will create training and mentoring opportunities for our students and future founders who believe that tomorrow can be better than today.”

These FS companies below are developing products and technologies that will change the future for the better.

Menny Barzilay on Stage
Menny Barzilay at the Entrepreneurs Centre in Frankfurt


Transforming digital education with efficient learning journeys. SplendEd focuses on revolutionising the era of digital education by developing an effective and efficient student learning journey. Currently, they are focusing on the International Bacculerate system by working closely with IB schools in the DACH region. 


Mobile app to help readers find their next book. READ-O is a mobile app that offers reading recommendations tailored to one’s reading tastes. The unique recommendations at READ-O are created by analysing eight million book reviews to date using AI.


Finding fitting talents using recruiting-chatbots. Recruiting skilled workers has been difficult, especially for SME/ Hidden Champions or any company without a strong employer brand.
inga. creates tailored recruiting campaigns via Facebook and Instagram under their own brand, „Dein Traumberuf“, with the help of machine learning. A chatbot then informs the talent about the task, and the potential new employer and conducts a short qualifying interview so that no CV is needed, yet the clients have all the information they need. Via an easy ATS (Applicant Tracking System), clients can then reach out to the talents to arrange interviews. The inga. solution works very well for the areas of production, logistics, sales, customer service, and technical services but also the health sector and developers/IT – and it works for white-collar too, not just blue-collar!


Data-driven matchmaking for off-market real estate. They are a data-driven broker for bulk investments in off-market real estate. Through their systematic and rule-based approach, they can channel investment opportunities to a matched group of investors. The required data is collected from publicly available sources and constantly refined with the responsible personnel of the investors. They concentrate their efforts primarily, but not exclusively, on residential turnkey and forward deals and begin to provide their support early on in the life cycle of projects.


P2P car app to connect car owners with drivers. At Carpool, they are developing an app that allows residents of a housing estate to share a car. A resident who owns a car, but rarely uses it, can make their car available in the app whenever they do not need it. After the car is shown as available, any user of our app in the settlement can book the car in the available period.


Covering the whole DeFi investment value chain. DeFi has started to reshape global finance, yet the asset category remains mysterious to many investors. Despite the vast amount of opportunities, the highly volatile nature, technical risks and regulatory uncertainty have made it difficult for investors to enter the space. Rudy Capital manages all the complexities, zeroes out market volatility and creates new benchmarks in risk-adjusted returns. To achieve this, Rudy Capital develops stablecoin-based and market-neutral portfolios that generate steady positive returns – whether markets are rising, falling, or trending sideways.


A platform for international students guiding the way to Germany.

Studying and working in Germany is a long way and comes with a lot of bureaucratic and cultural hurdles. The team of Fintiba developed a digital solution to guide international students and expats on their way to Germany. Founded in 2016 and located in the heart of Europe, Frankfurt am Main, the company offers innovative, tailor-made solutions by combining online processes and personal services.

By that Fintiba is the digital and personal companion for people from outside Europe on their way to Germany and has been able to support more than 150.000 international students from over 190 different countries so far. After 5 years in the market, Fintiba is the leading digital and global solution provider for international students and everyone else who wants to study or work in Germany.

The central solution is the digital blocked account, which is officially approved by the German Federal Foreign Office and can be opened completely online in just a few steps. In addition, Fintiba offers for example students health insurance required for the visa and enrolment at the university or SIM cards which can be received in the home country and will be activated once in Germany.


Digital platform for ordering dental implants and accessories. With Implify, dentists and dental labs simplify and digitize the ordering process of their dental implants and accessories for the entire implant surgery.

Today, more than 70 % of dental offices and laboratories are communicating and ordering their components for the implant surgery via phone or fax. Implify fully digitizes the communication and order process between dental offices and laboratories. Thanks to the intelligent configurator, compatible prosthetic components are suggested based on the implant selection. This allows dentists to assemble all the necessary components for the implant surgery with just a few clicks and save up to 40% on material costs, which they can pass on to their patients.


Software automating and digitizing processes of the construction industry. Innovative management software for the construction industry, which can effortlessly handle even the toughest of projects, combines the strongest elements of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management and other useful components and all that with intuitive and simple handling.
WERKULES is a digital tool for a modern construction site.


Roover is a boutique strategy consultancy specialized on Metaverse, NFTs and Crypto. Its mission is to position companies, esp. in Germany, as a leading driver in the currently developing market of the metaverse. How do we achieve this? As a strategic consultancy, we provide guidance by creating knowledge on these complex technologies, analysing the impact of this disruptive market on existing markets, and identifying potential new business models. They provide the necessary knowledge and technical fundamentals around blockchain, NFTs and tokenization. In doing so, they create awareness in management for digital merchandise and innovative marketing channels in the metaverse.


Process, Agility, Digitalization and Sustainability Consultancy. As a team they want to help other companies to improve their processes, doing this by consulting, teaching and coaching.


No-Code Tool for companies to create engaging 3D worlds. They are building an AI-based platform which enables startups & nonprofits to create unique 3D environments, present content interactively, receive feedback and grow a userbase – quickly and without any coding. Essentially, an interactive, three-dimensional webflow for startups & nonprofits. Individuals, on the other hand, can discover the projects and ideas, interact with their vision, get inspired and become potential customers.


Communication App that connects relatives of patients with medical staff. EP-Checkup eliminates the problem that medical staff is often overburdened and unable to provide regular updates, as visiting hours are very busy and calls asking for information come at an inconvenient time, are forwarded or missed. Callbacks do not come through, are postponed or forgotten due to more pressing issues. By offering medical staff a simple and fast communication channel. Using a tablet or phone, staff can send time-efficient voice messages, text messages or photos, which relatives can access on their own phones. This optimises the communication process and provides emotional relief for relatives, regardless of where they might be at the time.


A digital solution that energizes employee well-being with short-duration dance sessions. DanceBreak’s principle-based, contemporary approach to movement effectively increases energy and motivation, relieves stress and tension, and improves focus and morale in as little as five minutes, leading to greater productivity and joy at work. Our solution consists of easily accessible, short-duration dance movement sessions available from our website,, and a companion app. The two-pillar solution includes DanceBreak On-Demand – a digital library of pre-recorded, theme-specific videos; and DanceBreak-Live – live-streamed movement sessions facilitated by professional dance artists. The value of DanceBreak is evident in the joy and fun of movement, our easily accessible delivery formats, customization of our product to match and support diverse company cultures, and the proven effectiveness of their product.

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