We’d like to introduce you to a very interesting animal rights organization. The Swiss “Sentience Politics” campaigns to raise awareness in society of the interests of non-human animals. The word ‘sentience’ means the capacity to experience feelings and sensations, especially happiness and suffering. It is not only humans who are capable of feeling these emotions, but non-human animals too. The concept of sentience is fundamental to the moral concept that we can be harmed in a morally relevant sense, thus making it very important from a political perspective.

Ape reading about legal stuff and his rights while sitting on a pile of books

Because the well-being and interests of all living beings are important, this cool group strives to create positive change for as many of them as possible. If this is something you also want to support, please reach out to them. Here is a link. They are looking for ways to leverage synergies: How can their actions solve or reduce several problems in one fell swoop? It is also important to ask which areas are currently relatively neglected. If significant resources are already flowing into a particular area, the marginal benefit of additional resources will usually be smaller. (JR)

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