Urvashi Kikani always had a passion for aircraft since she was a child. Her curiosity almost inevitably led her to study aeronautical engineering at the Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel Institute of Technology and she was also very determined to do something for humanity. She is Co-Founder & Chief R&D Officer at Aerobotics7, an amazing startup company that produces drones with some life-saving features. What could be better than combining this passion for technology and a heartfelt desire to make the world a better place and work on something that flies and can save lives at the same time? As a logical consequence, she co-founded a startup company and what they do together is simply amazing. They try to solve the problem of Landmines with smart AI-based, flying technology.

Aerobotics7 is an Aerospace & Defense-based cutting-edge technology startup founded in 2016 by a then 13-Years-old Harshwardhansinh Zala. The team works on technologies to solve global problems, with a Mission to Make the World a Safe Place. In A7 they solve global issues by providing inventive advanced solutions for a SAFE World, with a Team of passionate and dedicated people from various industries like Aeronautics, Information Technology, Electronics, and Business Management.

There are still an estimated 110 Million landmines hidden somewhere and posing a severe danger for people, especially kids. The technology of Aerobotics7 is addressing this terrible problem. Meanwhile, their efforts are praised and recognized by different country leaders.

Please have a look at the linked videos and visit their website for further information.

It is amazing to see how young people who follow a dream turn ideas into reality. They are a true inspiration for others. Way to go team Aerobotics7. You are definitely making the world a safer place by offering a solution to get rid of Landmines safely.

“No matter what world says negative about you and your purpose, If you truly believe in your vision to change the world, no one can stop you”

Urvashi Kikani – Co-Founder & Chief R&D Officer at Aerobotics7
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