Jobs for Human-Animals

I'm trying to make a comprehensive list of all the different jobs out there that involve cross-species communication or empathy. It could be quite...

Elephants on Trial: Court Hearing for Freedom

Animal rights activists fight for the release of captive elephants in landmark case Are animals entitled to the same rights as humans? This is the...
Pigs and Dogs amd how they communicate with humans

Dogs are Better at Communicating with Humans than Pigs, Study Finds

A new study has found that dogs are better at communicating with humans than pigs. The research, which compared the way companion animals from two domestic species react to out-of-reach rewards in the presence of a human, found that while both dogs and pigs pay attention to humans, only dogs initiate referential communication with them. The study suggests that certain characteristics related to how animals communicate with each other may be important for them to also communicate with humans, providing insights into the evolution of human-animal communication

The Animal Kingdom’s Moral Compass: Understanding Morals in Animal Behavior

"From Meerkats' fair play to Naked mole-rat's monarchy: Uncovering the curious and diverse ways animals live by their morals" When it comes to animal behavior,...

The Surprising Intelligence of Animals

From Elephants to Insects, Research is Revealing that Animal Intelligence is More Complex than We Thought Fascinating Research of animals is beginning to uncover the...

Decoding Nonhuman Communication

I recommend to view the video "Decoding Nonhuman Communication | Polylogues - YouTube" to learn more about the fascinating topic of understanding non-human animal...