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List of New Betting Sites in Tanzania

Explore our comprehensive‚ updated list of new betting sites in Tanzania.​ These platforms represent the latest firms offering diverse sports bet types to Tanzanian bettors.​ Dive into the world of online betting now.​



The Tanzanian betting market is continuously evolving with new beting firms establishing their presence.​ These new companies bring innovative platforms‚ making online sports betting more vibrant and engaging for the Kenyan audience.​ One such site gaining traction is 1XBet TZ‚ a platform that has significantly penetrated the African beting market‚ including Tanzania since its establishment in 2011.​

Another notable inclusion in the list of latest betting sites is 888bet‚ a platform that may not have a vast sports list but makes up for it through its unique landscape‚ offering popular sports such as football‚ basketball‚ and cricket.​ These companies use advanced technology to offer a seamless betting experience along with competitive odds and extensive bet options.​

Each one of these new firms is trying to carve a niche for themselves by providing unique features and services.​ They are contributing significantly to the growth of the Tanzanian betting industry by offering bettors a wider variety of choices.​ As the market grows more competitive‚ these new platforms are playing a crucial role in driving innovation and improving the overall standard of online betting in Tanzania.​


New Tanzanian betting platforms have emerged with unique features that cater to the evolving needs of bettors.​ The design and layout of these platforms are user-friendly‚ enabling easy navigation for both novice and experienced bettors alike. Offering a wide range of sports events to bet on‚ 1XBet TZ and 888bet are among the top new sites that provide a diverse betting landscape.​

One distinct feature is their competitive odds‚ which increase the potential returns on successful bets. They also offer extensive bet options‚ including traditional bets like match winners and special bets such as first goalscorer and correct score.​ New betting firms are leveraging technology to enhance their service delivery.​ For instance‚ many new platforms now support Bitcoin payments‚ reflecting the growing trend of cryptocurrency use in online transactions.​

Moreover‚ these platforms also focus on providing excellent customer support services. Bettors can easily access help through various channels‚ including live chat and email‚ ensuring a smooth betting experience.​ They also offer attractive bonus offers to new and existing bettors‚ enhancing the overall betting experience.​ As the Tanzanian betting industry continues to grow‚ these innovative features of new betting platforms set the bar high for online sports betting.​


New Tanzanian betting sites offer numerous sports events to cater to the diverse interests of bettors. Football‚ being the most popular sport in Tanzania‚ prominently features on all new betting platforms.​ New sites such as 1XBet TZ and 888bet cover all aspects of football betting‚ from local matches to international leagues and tournaments.​ This comprehensive coverage ensures that football enthusiasts have a wide array of betting options at their disposal.​

Beyond football‚ these platforms also cover other popular sports like basketball‚ cricket‚ tennis‚ and rugby. For instance‚ 888bet may not have an extensive sports list like other platforms‚ but it compensates for this with a special focus on popular sports‚ thus offering bettors numerous opportunities.​ Furthermore‚ they also cater to fans of less mainstream sports‚ providing betting options for handball‚ table tennis‚ boxing‚ mixed martial arts‚ and racing competitions like Formula 1 and MotoGP.​

In addition to the breadth of sports covered‚ these platforms also offer depth in their betting options.​ Bettors can wager on a variety of outcomes‚ from match winners to specific event occurrences.​ This diversity in betting options enhances the betting experience‚ making these new Tanzanian betting sites appealing to a broad range of sports enthusiasts.​



Under the subheading‚ it is imperative to note that Tanzania houses a multitude of active betting firms.​ Among these‚ Betway‚ 1xBet‚ and Thronebet hold strong positions.​ Betway‚ launched in 2006‚ possesses gambling licenses in Malta and Guernsey‚ offering over 50 sports for betting on its platform.

Another remarkable firm is 1xBet TZ.​ It is an international bookmaker that has successfully established a strong setup in Tanzania‚ gaining significant popularity among locals.​ Launched in 2011‚ the platform boasts members from across various parts of the world.​

Thronebet‚ along with Premierbet‚ Mkeka bet‚ Meridian bet‚ and M-Bet‚ form the backbone of Tanzanian betting platforms.​ Premierbet stands out with its attractive win bonus offers‚ while Meridian bet is the preferred choice for traditional bets like match winner‚ first goalscorer‚ and correct score.​ New additions to the market include Bitcoin accepted sites such as Betmentor‚ which brings forth the latest online betting conveniences.​

Each of these companies offers diverse betting options and contributes significantly to Tanzania’s vibrant betting landscape.​ They remain committed to delivering top-notch betting services‚ thus marking Tanzania as a notable hub in the African betting market.​


In Tanzania‚ the betting industry is a combination of both online platforms and land-based bookies. The convenience and accessibility offered by online betting sites make them a popular choice among bettors.​ Online platforms such as Betway‚ 1XBet TZ‚ and Thronebet offer a wide range of sports for betting‚ providing users with diverse options to choose from.​

These online platforms also offer attractive bonuses and promotions‚ enhancing the overall betting experience for users.​ For instance‚ Premierbet offers an attractive win bonus‚ making it a preferred choice among many Tanzanian bettors.​ Furthermore‚ some online platforms like Betmentor even accept Bitcoin for deposits‚ gaming‚ and withdrawals‚ showcasing the ever-evolving nature of online betting platforms.​

On the flip side‚ land-based bookies remain significant in the Tanzanian betting landscape.​ Since the legalization of sports betting in 2012‚ over 2‚600 land-based bookies have opened their doors to eager players.​ These land-based bookies provide a traditional betting experience‚ which some bettors continue to prefer.​

In conclusion‚ while online betting platforms offer convenience and a wide range of betting options‚ land-based bookies provide a more traditional and tactile betting experience.​ The choice between the two often comes down to personal preference.​


Betting sites have significantly impacted the Tanzanian market‚ contributing to economic growth and diversification.​ The proliferation of betting sites‚ both online and land-based‚ has led to increased revenue for the government through taxation.​ Notably‚ there is a 25 GGR tax for online betting sites in Tanzania‚ indicating their economic importance.

Furthermore‚ the betting industry has created employment opportunities‚ both directly and indirectly.​ Betting companies require staff to manage their operations‚ while indirectly‚ the industry supports jobs in related sectors like advertising‚ digital services‚ and even in sports‚ where betting companies often sponsor teams or events.

Additionally‚ betting sites play a pivotal role in promoting sports interest in Tanzania.​ With the rise of local football stars like Mbwana Samantha‚ who signed with English club Aston Villa‚ sports betting has seen an upsurge‚ further supporting the sports industry.

Finally‚ the betting industry’s growth has led to technological advancements‚ with companies like Betmentor accepting Bitcoin‚ showcasing Tanzania’s progressive stance towards emerging trends.​ Thus‚ the significance of betting sites on the Tanzanian market is multifaceted‚ contributing to economic growth‚ employment creation‚ sports promotion‚ and technological progress.​




The selection of the best betting site in Tanzania is guided by various criteria‚ essential to ensure a satisfactory betting experience.​ Firstly‚ the diversity of sports and events featured on the platform is crucial.​ Players are increasingly interested in a wide range of options‚ from traditional sports like football and basketball to emerging markets such as eSports.​

Secondly‚ the competitive nature of odds offered is another key determinant.​ The best betting sites offer high odds‚ enhancing potential winnings.​ Meridianbet‚ for example‚ is recognized for its competitive odds among Tanzanian bettors.

Thirdly‚ the user interface and overall website functionality play an integral role. Platforms should be easily navigable‚ with a clean design and quick loading times.​ Top companies invest in their online presence‚ ensuring a seamless user experience.

Lastly‚ security measures implemented by the betting company are significant.​ With the rise of financial cybercrime‚ bettors need assurance that their funds and personal information are safe.​ Hence‚ the best betting platforms employ state-of-the-art security protocols for maximum protection.​
These criteria form the backbone of selecting the best betting site in Tanzania.​


In Tanzania‚ numerous online betting platforms offer services to bettors.​ However‚ a comparison of the top platforms brings out distinct characteristics.​ For instance‚ Betway‚ a dominant player in the Tanzanian market‚ impresses with its wide range of sports and event coverage.​ Betway excels in providing betting markets for over 50 sports‚ thereby appealing to diverse betting preferences.​

On the other hand‚ 1XBet TZ has grown its reputation through its strong presence in the African market. It boasts a robust setup in Tanzania‚ with numerous local members utilizing its platform. Although 1XBet TZ may not have as extensive a sports list as Betway‚ it compensates with a unique betting landscape.​

Meridianbet‚ another popular platform‚ stands out for offering competitive odds alongside a variety of betting options‚ from traditional to special bets.​ Its user-friendly interface and high-level security measures contribute to its rank as a top choice among Tanzanian bettors.​

Lastly‚ new platforms like Thronebet and Princessbet are also gaining ground by leveraging innovative features and attractive bonus offers.​ In conclusion‚ each platform presents unique strengths‚ catering to different bettor preferences.​


Considered as the premier betting platform in Tanzania‚ Meridianbet has consistently provided stellar services to Tanzanian bettors.​ This online betting site has distinguished itself through its diverse betting options and competitive odds‚ appealing to various types of sports fans.​

Meridianbet offers traditional bets such as match winners‚ alongside special bets like first goalscorer and correct score.​ These betting options enrich the betting experience as they cater to different betting strategies and preferences.​ The site’s competitive odds also boost potential winnings‚ making it more enticing for bettors.​

Moreover‚ Meridianbet’s user interface is designed for ease of use‚ ensuring an intuitive and seamless betting experience. The site’s security measures are top-notch‚ ensuring that users’ sensitive information remains secure and private.​
Apart from its excellent betting services‚ Meridianbet also excels in customer service.​ Their support team is always ready to assist‚ proving their commitment to ensuring a satisfactory experience for their users.​ Furthermore‚ the site provides convenient payment methods‚ adding to the smoothness of the user experience.​

In summary‚ Meridianbet’s quality services‚ diverse betting options‚ and superior customer care have earned it the title of the best betting site in Tanzania.​


Tanzania hosts various types of betting sites‚ catering to diverse preferences and needs.​ These platforms range from traditional sports bookies‚ innovative online platforms‚ and new betting companies.​ Each type offers unique features and betting experiences.


Betting sites in Tanzania provide a diversified range of betting options to cater to the varied interests of bettors.​ Traditional bets such as match winners remain prevalent‚ with punters predicting the outcome of games across different sports. Special bets like ‘first goalscorer’ and ‘correct score’ add an extra layer of excitement for sports enthusiasts‚ offering the opportunity for higher returns.​ These types of bets are particularly popular in football‚ Tanzania’s most-loved sport.

Moreover‚ Tanzanian platforms have embraced the global trend of live betting‚ where bettors can place bets on ongoing matches‚ responding in real-time to changes in play.​ This type of betting demands quick decision-making and provides a thrilling betting experience.​ Furthermore‚ many platforms offer handball‚ golf‚ table tennis‚ tennis‚ hockey‚ boxing‚ MMA‚ volleyball‚ and racing competitions‚ thereby covering a broad spectrum of sports and events.

Lastly‚ the rise of online betting platforms has seen the introduction of innovative bet types like accumulators and system bets.​ Such bet types allow bettors to place multiple bets simultaneously‚ multiplying potential winnings.​ This diversity in bet types caters to both novice and experienced bettors‚ enhancing the overall betting experience in Tanzania.


In the Tanzanian betting industry‚ both local and foreign betting platforms coexist‚ each offering unique features and betting experiences.​ Local betting sites like Meridianbet and M-Bet have gained popularity through their tailored services that cater specifically to Tanzanian bettors.​ They offer a range of sports popular in Tanzania‚ understand local preferences‚ and provide customer service in the local language.​ Some even provide special betting markets that resonate with local punters.​

On the other hand‚ international betting sites bring a global perspective to Tanzanian bettors. Renowned platforms like Betway and 1XBET have strong setups in Tanzania‚ offering expansive sports lists‚ competitive odds‚ and a wide array of betting options. They also bring innovative features like live betting to the Tanzanian market‚ thereby enriching the overall betting experience.​

However‚ the choice between local and international betting sites often boils down to personal preference.​ While some punters prefer the local flavor and specialized services of Tanzanian companies‚ others are attracted by the diversity and sophistication offered by international platforms.​ Importantly‚ all these companies‚ whether local or foreign‚ share a common commitment to responsible gambling and adhere to Tanzanian betting regulations.​


Both local and international betting companies operating in Tanzania must abide by the country’s taxation and legal regulations. Tanzanian law requires betting firms to pay a Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) tax‚ which amounts to 25% of their earnings. This tax contribution is significant as it aids in funding various national development initiatives.​

Aside from taxation‚ the legal prerequisites for betting operations vary depending on whether the company is local or foreign.​ Tanzanian-based bookies are required to invest a minimum capital of 300‚000‚ whereas foreign platforms need to invest 500‚000.​ These measures ensure the financial stability of the betting sites‚ safeguarding bettors from potential insolvency risks.​

Despite these regulations‚ authorities tend not to clamp down on offshore bookies.​ This leniency is due to Tanzania’s liberalized gambling market‚ which promotes competition and consumer choice.​ Nevertheless‚ all betting platforms‚ irrespective of their origin‚ must adhere to the legal provisions concerning responsible gambling. Failure to comply can result in hefty fines or license revocation‚ reinforcing Tanzania’s commitment to safe and fair gambling practices.​

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